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Palestinian Suicide Bombers Attack Gaza Crossing

Once again we have Palestinians doing what they do best: to kill Jews on a Jewish holy day. Fortunately, three Muslim palestinian mutants were killed. From Palestinian Suicide Bombers Attack Gaza Crossing:

Palestinian suicide bombers from Gaza drove three explosives-laden vehicles into the Kerem Shalom goods crossing on the border with Israel early on Saturday, detonating two of them. Three bombers were killed in the blasts and 13 Israeli soldiers were wounded, the Israeli military said. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack, the fifth along the border with Israel in the last ten days. The vehicles entered the Palestinian side of the crossing at about 6 a.m. under cover of heavy mortar fire and the early morning mist. They included two jeeps painted to resemble army vehicles and an armored personnel carrier. Israeli forces came to confront them as they headed toward the Israeli side. The soldiers escaped more serious injury because they were in a fortified space. Another armored personnel carrier was spotted half an hour later by soldiers at a border position north of Kerem Shalom. That vehicle was blown up by Israeli fire before it could reach the border fence. The armored personnel carriers used to belong to the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority.

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