A Palestinian State – A U.S. Blunder by Yoram Ettinger

1. The Palestinian Authority (PA) and the PLO have been systematic allies of Bin-Laden (whose mentor was the Palestinian Abdullah Naji of Jenin), Taliban, Saddam, Khomeini and his successors, No. Korea and other rogue regimes. The ideological mentors of the PA/PLO were allies of the Nazis (e.g. Haj Amin Al-Husseini). Arafat, Abu-Mazin, Inc. were trained by the KGB and forged intimate ties with the ruthless Communist regimes in Moscow and E. Europe. The PA/PLO have constituted the role-model of international terrorism, narco-terrorism, hijacking, car-bombing, homicide-bombing, hate-education, inter-Arab treachery, corruption and oppression of Christian Arabs (who have fled Bethlehem, Beit-Jallah and Ramallah).

2. The PA/PLO TRACK RECORD reveals the nature of the proposed Palestinian State:

*In the late 1950s, Arafat, Abu-Mazen and Abu-Ala’ fled Egypt for subversion;

*In 1966 they fled Syria for subversion;

*In 1970 the PLO fled Jordan, following a violent attempt to topple the Hashemite regime;

*In 1975 the PLO tried to violently topple the Lebanese regime, triggering a multi-year civil war, which doomed the Christian domination of Lebanon;

*During 1978-1981 the PLO plundered and raped South Lebanon;

*In 1990 the PLO spearheaded Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait (while the Bush-Baker Administration was brutally pressuring Israel to recognize the PLO!);

*Aware of PLO’s subversive track record, Arabs do not allow the PLO to bear arms on their soil;

*Since (Oslo) 1993 – when the PLO was snatched out of oblivion, imported to the heartland of Israel and provided with weaponry – the PA/PLO have been consistent with their inter-Arab track record. They have introduced an unprecedented hope-driven terrorism, systematically and violently violating all agreements. They instituted a hate-education system (K-12), which has featured a production line of heralded homicide bombers for the next two generations.


4. A Palestinian State would undermine U.S. VALUES AND INTERESTS. The 1976 Entebbe Operation and the 1981 bombing of Iraq’s Ozirak Nuclear Reactor dealt a blow to global terrorism. The establishment of a Palestinian State would be perceived as a reward to the role model of terrorism, dealing a blow to the US war on global terrorism. It would condemn Jordan’s Hashemite regime to oblivion, would recharge Saddam’s and Taliban’s allies in Iraq and Afghanistan, would bolster Iran and Syria and would facilitate the re-entry of Russia to the Mideast.

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