Palestinian State Could Be Founded Ahead of Schedule

Folks, Pres Bush said Wednesday that a Palestinian state could be founded in less than four years. “It is conceivable it could happen before then (2009) if there is that firm commitment. And it looks like there is a firm commitment.”

Let’s sum up the history and homeland of the Palestinians.


Palestinians were bedouins. They never a had a country. The Arabs wanted nothing to do with the Palestinains – they still don’t – most of the Palestinians lived in Jordan – Jordan killed thousands of them in a civil war in the 1970’s when the Jordanians were trying to kill King Hussien.

It is no secret that Palestinians demand that Israel dismantle and evacuate every single Jewish community built since 1967 on lands owned by no one, where not a single soul was dispossessed.

One million Arabs live, work and run businesses in Israel.

If a million mostly Muslim Arabs, can live peacefully and productively in Israel, why are 200,000 Jews living in Samaria, Judea and Gaza such a threat?

Because Israel is an obsession for Arabs. They are clinically obsessed with a stip of land no bigger than New Jersey. Israel’s only sin is its desire to survive. It would give up more land today if her survival was guaranteed.

But no Arab cares about a Jew, because the Arab culture is an unevolved one. It is a reticent culture full of superstition, rock-worshipping, and arrogance.

If the world wants to hand the Palestinians a land Jew-free, there is no reason why Israel should remain the home to a million Arab Muslims.

If it’s okay to remove Jews from their homes, it must be okay to remove Arabs from theirs.

But nobody ever speaks of making Israel Arab-free. Why is that?

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