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Palestinian Rockets Ignored Abroad

Everyone is talking about global warming but no one gives a crap that Jews are being targeted by unevolved barbarians. It’s only when Israel defends herself that she receives attention, and negative attention at that. From Palestinian Rockets Ignored Abroad:

Palestinian rocket attacks on Sderot have received very little coverage in world media, despite the heavy barrages that have been going on for the past three days. Only when Israel began to respond to the attacks by aerial bombings, cannons and tanks did this part of the world receive attention from the American media. An American television producer explained that, as sad as it may sound, Sderot is a story that has been going on for years, and is no longer news. The producer added that there are very few injuries in Sderot, and images of shock victims do not sell. The moment that the IDF began to retaliate, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict went back to making headlines.

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