Palestinian Rocket Kills Israeli Woman

Palestinian barbarians have accomplished what they have wanted: to kill a Jew and rejoice in her bloodshed. It is outrageous in the extreme that the world accepts a scheme that would permit Arabs to have an ethnically cleansed continent where no Jews can live. From Palestinian Rocket Kills Israeli Woman:

Palestinian rocket fire from Gaza killed a 32-year-old Israeli woman Monday night and seriously wounded another civilian in the city of Sderot. Shirel Friedman was the 9th Israeli to be killed by Palestinian rockets. “No nation would tolerate such terror,” said David Baker, an Israeli government spokesman. “Israel certainly won’t. We will put an end to these rocket attacks, and we will do so with determination.” Hamas and Islamic Jihad have fired more than 160 rockets from Gaza into Israel over the past week, Israeli military officials said, including 13 on Monday.

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