Palestinian Rocket Barrage Wounds Ten in Israel

These are the Muslims that the left embraces. These are Palestinians doing what they do best. From Palestinian Rocket Barrage Wounds Ten in Israel:

At least 10 people were hurt Tuesday when Palestinians in Gaza launched a barrage of Kassam rockets and mortar shells at Israel. The Israel Defense Forces Tuesday counted 50 Kassam rockets and 30 mortar shells fired from Gaza. In addition, a Grad Katyusha rocket was found near a residential area in Ashkelon.

In Sderot, the Red Alert siren was sounded 14 times. Time and again, local residents scrambled for cover. Toward nightfall, a rocket hit a power line and the city’s residents remained in the dark until it was fixed.

“The center treating people for shock remained open thanks to a generator,” said Dr. Adrianna Katz. “We treated 20 people Tuesday.”

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