Palestinian Mass Murderer’s Hometown Celebrates Attack

Three thousand palestinian barbarians took to the streets of Kabatiya, south of Jenin, Wednesday night to celebrate a mass murderer’s bombing in Hadera by local resident human excrement Hassan Abu Zeid.

Chanting Allahu Akbar (which translates as “the palestinian god is great” – although there is tremendous evidence contrary to this), they converged on Abu Zeid’s home to “congratulate” his family on the success of the attack, which killed five people (three of whom were Arabs) and wounded more than 30.

“Oh Jihad, Jihad, give us more [suicide] bombings. Oh Sharon, prepare more coffins,” the crowd chanted.

“I’m proud of my son and hope that he will enter heaven,” Abu Zeid’s mother declared.

Well he won’t, you cow. He’s going to rot in hell just like the rest of your barbaric neighbors.

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