Palestinian leader admits to violence and torture in Gaza

Where is the outrage from Amnesty International, PETA, or from Human Rights Watch? The outrage is nonexistant, because fraudulent leftist groups only get energized when Jews defend themselves against Muslim barbarity, never when Muslims perpetuate barbarity against other Muslims. From Ma’an:

The leader of Hamas’ Executive Force in Gaza, Jamal Jarrah, on Sunday acknowledged that the EF has been the source of violence in the strip. However, he said there is “exaggeration in the news published about these violations”. Speaking to Gaza-based newspaper, Al Yawmiyya, which is controlled by the deposed government, Jarrah said “we try to minimise violations and avoid them through the training of our members.”

Jarrah also admitted that there were some cases of torture in the Executive Force prisons. He said “there were some minor cases, which we have admitted and we condemn any such practices.” He added, “The EF has formed investigation committees in order to investigate all the violations and seriously address all the cases in the prisons.”Jarrah denied Fatah claims that there are 120 Fatah members in Executive Force jails. He said “this is untrue, there are no Fatah prisoners, and if there are, they are there for criminal reasons and not on a political background.” He continued “any arrest of Fatah members is due to criminal reasons, not because they are Fatah members; they have broken the law or assaulted the Executive Force.”

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