Palestinian Justifications for Killing Jews

Barry Shaw highlights some reasons for Palestinian justification for murdering Jews, a theme that has been emanating from Palestinian schools, Palestinian television shows, and Arab mosques around the Middle East and Europe:

~ A Jew visiting the Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest site, is justification for the recent three year violence, and for Arabs to kill Jews.

~ Jews growing tomatoes near Gaza is a reason for Arabs to kill them.

~ Jews building homes in Judea (from where comes the name Judaism) is reason to kill Israelis.

~ A handful of Jews living in Hebron is reason enough for Arabs to attempt to repeat the massacre of Jews in the 1920s.

~ Jews worshipping at Joseph’s Tomb is reason to kill them and to destroy this holy Jewish shrine (then rebuild it as a mosque).

~ Jewish children eating pizza in Jerusalem is offensive enough for Arabs to kill them.

~ Jewish teenagers at a Tel Aviv disco is enough to make them a target for death.

~ Jews gathering to observe the Passover tradition in Netanya is justification for a massacre.

~ Not freeing Arab murderers (who wish to return to kill more) is justification to kill Israelis.

~ Building a security fence to protect innocent women and children is sufficient justification for killing Jews.

~ Declaring Israel to be the sole Jewish state is reason enough for Arabs to kill us.

~ Not allowing four million Arabs, who have never set foot here, to enter Israel and swamp us demographically, is justification to kill Jews.

~ Our very existence is justification for them to kill us in rage.

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