Palestinian daily: Israel strangling the world

WorldNetDaily: Palestinian daily: Israel strangling the world

The official Palestinian daily newspaper, Al Hayat Al Jadida, has published a cartoon depicting the oft-repeated charge that Jews are a danger to the world.

Oh dear, batton down the hatches! Jews live!!!

Palestinians, to set the record straight, are peace loving tree-hugging animal lovers. They are honest, hardworking, and only a few have been known to murder their Jewish bosses after working for them for twenty-plus years. Those few are aberrationist Palestinians. Nothing to worry about, let’s face it, what’s to fear from 4 million Jew hating Palestinians – c’mon, there’s nothing to be frightened about.

The rest of the Palestinians, like 11 of them, love Jews and Israel and would never consider perpetrating terrorist attacks or killing innocent Jewish civilians – men, women, and children while they were in their synagogues praying or in their homes preparing Shabbat dinner. In general, Palestinians never lie about Deir Yassin or their unrighteous entitlement to their false, disingenuous right of return nor would they argue that Jordan is the real Palestine or that generic Palestinian propaganda, funded heavily from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, always seeks to suggest equivalence between Arab terror and Israeli counterterror, or that the term “occupied territories” to describe Judea and Samaria, helps to promote Palestinian propaganda and to further the big lie that the current dispute is based on what happened after the Six Day War. Frankly, you can only occupy land if it belonged to a sovereign state and then you then took it over. Right?

See, the great ethical flaw of the Palestinian “people” is simply that because the people who had only recently begun to take on the name “Palestinian” were ethnically and civilizationally Arab, part of what the Arabs themselves were pleased to call, with the poetic resonance of indivisibility, “the Arab Nation.” Don’t ya just wanna cry?

Palestine, moreover, had its origin as a term of malice, the Roman invaders’ way of erasing Judea by naming it after the Philistines who warred against the Jews. And like the Palestinians today, who deny the ancient reality of the Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount, the emperor Hadrian also had the distinction of reassigning the history of Jerusalem; he dubbed it Aelia Capitolina, in honor of Jupiter. The Palestinians also deny the history and legacy of Jerusalem inherited by the Jewish nation, in spite of the archaelology and artifacts discovered in the area.

Israelis have as much right to settle in Israel as Arabs, and far deeper historical roots in the land. There is nothing in the least illegal about it. In the history of warfare, Israel was the first victor who immediately wanted to negotiate land for peace, only to have the losing side reject the offer. Israel is still willing to negotiate, as long as these lands aren’t used (as they are now) as safehouses for terrorists.

The Palestinians’ repugnant attempts to justify terrorism, their murder of noncombatants, women and children, their crimes against humanity, by repeating the meaningless catch words: occupation, occupation, occupation, shoud be met with cries of terrorism, terrorism, terrorism.

Since November 20, 2002, there has been a total of 15,298 Palestinian terror attacks against Israel since the start of the “intifada” in September 2000; still, the Palestinians are a peaceful people. Yes, only about eleven of them. But hey, eleven is a start.

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