Palestinian Civilians Answer Hamas Call to be Human Shields

What lofty goals Muslims aspire to. From Palestinian Civilians Answer Hamas Call to be Human Shields:

During the IDF activity in Gaza, both Hamas and Islamic Jihad frequently called upon Palestinian civilians to gather in places where, they claimed, the IDF was about to attack, to have them serve as human shields, exploiting the fact that the IDF avoids deliberately harming Palestinian civilians. On Feb. 28, Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV called on the residents of Khan Yunis to gather at the house of Ma’amoun Abu ‘Amer. An hour later, dozens of Palestinians were gathered on the roof to serve as human shields to prevent the house from being hit. On Feb. 29, Al-Aqsa TV called upon Palestinians to go to the house of the martyr Othman al-Ruziana to protect it because the IDF was threatening to blow it up. On March 1, Al-Aqsa TV called on civilians to form a human shield at the home of Abu al-Hatal in Sajaiya.