“Palestinian” Children Play With Terror

“Palestinian” Children Play With Terror

We believe to be true that some of our readers already know the following facts about the Palestinian Authority’s choice of school textbooks, but Smooth Stone aims to assist readers in DEFINING and DEFENDING Israel by being a source of relevant information and that includes bringing to light the notoriety of the kleptocracy, Palestine.


Arab “Palestinian” children are taught to play with terror.

The children are taught from infancy through adulthood all the basic lessons and techniques of terrorism. From birth and the cradle the children learn hatred, incitement, terrorism and violence.

Their education begins at home by parents who are willing to accept “blood money” as “compensation” for their loss from state-supporters of terrorism. Hatred of Jews is then promulgated daily in camps, day schools, madrassas and mosques. It is also supplemented by the Palestinian Authority (formerly called the Palestine Liberation Organization) state-controlled media.

A few examples from school textbooks sum up the sentiments…

“Drive out the Jews” – Our Arabic Language for Fifth Grade

“Jews are evil” – Islamic Education for Seventh Grade

“Jews are the Enemies of the Prophets” – Islamic Education for Fourth Grade

In summary, the PA/PLO school textbooks contain absolutely no attempt to encourage reconciliation with Israel. Israel is dishonestly and falsely presented as inhumane and Greedy.

There are no camp counselors wearing shorts sharing a friendly game of basketball with campers. The counselors wear army uniforms. The children undergo weapons training.

The implicit aspiration in the Arab “Palestinian” education system is to instill a deep-seeded evil hatred, incitement, terrorism and violence against the Children of Israel and to replace the entire State of Israel with an Arab State of Palestine.

Posters of “homicide bombers” or so-called “Shahids” (“Martyrs”) are everywhere.

They are worshipped like pagan idols. Glorified. Immortalized. As heroes and saints.

The Arab “Palestinians” are willing to sacrifice their children in so-called “suicide” (actually “homicide”) missions to cause as much murder and mayhem towards a chosen people.

In the latest example of Arab “Palestinian” teaching tools for children are the glorification of terrorists through trading cards – depicting terrorists as heroes – which have become widespread collectibles in the Gaza, Judea & Samaria (wrongly called “West Bank”), The Jerusalem Post reported.

Majdi Taher, the maker of the cards said that 6 million cards have been sold over the past two years.

This is clear documentary evidence that Arafat, the PA/PLO, and the numerous affiliated terrorist subsidiary organizations, including but not limited to Fatah, PFLP, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad have not been playing with a full deck” when it comes to the peace process.

Meanwhile, a new report from the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) finds that the Arab “Palestinian” sermons broadcast live from mosques under control of the Palestinian Authority and shown on official television contain common themes including “calls for the destruction of the United States, the perceived American Crusader war against Islam, honoring so-called shahids (pawns in political propaganda) and glorifying the rewards of the “shahids” honored “martyrdom” in the name of G-D, educating children to martyrdom and anti-Semitism, including calls for the killing of Jews.” In addition to the weekly-televised sermons, new Arab “Palestinian” textbooks also continue to instill hatred for Israel, rejecting its right to exist and calling it “evil,” The Jerusalem Post reported last week. According to first phase of the U.S.-backed Roadmap “all official Palestinian institutions [must] end incitement against Israel.”

Teaching terrorism is the curriculum for the children who are brainwashed with hatred, incitement, terrorism, and violence since birth. One simply cannot blame children who do not know any better or different. But one can hold them and their teachers fully accountable. One can not preach and teach terrorism and expect peaceful results.

Throwing rocks at tanks makes it look like a struggle in which the Arabs are David vs. an Israeli “Goliath” but in reality it is exactly the opposite with 22 Arab nations utilizing the “children” as cannon-fodder to annihilate the very tiny little Jewish nation state of Israel which is a sore reminder and wound of democracy and freedom in a region of repressive ruthless rulers and tyranny. They have been very successful thus far in the war of images and words despite the fact that there is nothing factual, honest, or truthful in the message.

These same children are sent by parents to throw pipe bombs, smuggle so-called “suicide bombers” and weapons and vests. Would you willingly send your child to death with false promises that by doing so they will enter paradise? This defies dishonesty and morality.

Teach the children reading, writing and arithmetic. Not how to fire automatic weapons, building “bombs” and murdering people on buses, in cars, in homes, in restaurants, in shopping malls, and in universities. Not terrorism.

When you do not dishonestly use school textbooks to teach the annihilation of human beings who actually want to honestly live normally in peace.

Only then can an honest real peace ever be achieved.

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