Palestinian caught with bomb in Jerusalem, Israel

A suicide bombing in Jerusalem, Israel was thwarted Monday, after a 25-year-old Muslim palestinian was caught carrying a bomb in a bag on a main city thoroughfare. The male suspect, a West Bank resident, was stopped by police on the city’s Jaffa Road near the Jaffa Gate for a routine security check during the late-morning incident after the estimated five kilograms of explosives were found in his bag.Now do you see, readers, why the “poor palestinian peepull” have to undergo “inhumane” security checks? It is because Israel loves her citizens more than Arabs love themselves. Do you understand now? See, Israel doesn’t want to have to keep picking Jewish flesh and body parts off of her building walls and pavements, so they have to search Muslims entering Israel because given the chance, Muslims will kill any Jew they can. The Muslim palestinian had planned to blow himself up in a suicide bombing, deputy Jerusalem police chief Shimon Koren told reporters. Jerusalem, Israel has been peaceful until now despite the escalating violence flaring throughout northern Israel, but Israeli security officials have warned that palestinians would like to carry out suicide bombings in major Israeli cities, and it looks like they were correct.

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