Palestinian Barbarian Bombs Market in Tel Aviv

A barbaric Palestinian, imbued with godlessness taught to him by his Muslim imams, blew himself up in a crowded outdoor market in central Tel Aviv on Monday, killing at least four people and wounding 32, medics and police said.

Paramedics treated dazed shoppers on the ground, as vegetables were strewn on the pavement. Police searched the market, including trash cans, for additional explosives.

Witnesses said the ground shook when the blast went off near a dairy shop.

“There was a woman whose entire body was torn up, all her body was torn up, ” one shopper told Israel Army Radio. “I was about 10 meters from the shop. I saw lots of people lying on the ground, lots of people wounded.”

There was no immediate claim of responsibility but we know a Muslim was involved, somewhere.

It would be the first suicide attack in Israel since Aug. 31, when Palestinian barbarians simultaneously blew up two buses in the southern desert city of Beersheba, killing 16.

Palestinian Barbarian Bombs Market in Tel Aviv

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