Palestinian Authority TV falsifies video of Gaza deaths

Via Jihad Watch. More on the Palestinians’ latest propaganda jihad: “PA TV falsifies video of Gaza deaths,” from Palestinian Media Watch:

Palestinian Authority TV has been repeatedly broadcasting a falsified video clip of the events surrounding the deaths of seven family members on the Gaza beach on Friday. In an attempt to blame Israel’s navy for the deaths, PA TV took unrelated video of an Israeli missile boat firing at Gaza earlier in the day and edited them into the scenes, creating the impression [of] Israeli responsibility. The following is the time frame of the PA TV editing and falsification:00 – :32 Seconds: PATV clip introduces the scene by showing an Israeli missile boat firing on the Gaza coast. Audio of ambulance siren is added to visual to create false impression that boat was shooting at same time as ambulances were present.0:32 – 1:05: Scene switches directly to the victims, creating a false connection between the events.1:05 – 1:09: PA TV returns to the naval vessel showing sailor with binoculars looking at shore, again creating the false impression he is observing the evacuation.1:09 – 2:00: The evacuation scene continues ending with the word “Why” on the screen only in English, indicating a foreign target audience, possibly media.The video of the Israeli navy was unrelated to the deaths, having been filmed earlier in the day and had already released to the media and to the internet by the Israeli army at 4:00 PM, an hour prior to the deaths.Click here to see the falsified PA TV broadcast of the evacuationComment: It should be noted that not only is the video falsified, but the beach scene clearly backs the Israeli contention that the deaths were not caused by an Israeli shell. Any Israeli shell would have left a giant crater and spread sand over the entire area, as well as on the victims. There is no crater and the beach scene is not disturbed in a way that indicates an Israeli shell could have landed nearby.

Note to self: add this event to ongoing list of palestinian propaganda which already includes Jenin, Deir Yassin, RachelCorrie’s suicide, and of course the mythology of “ancient palestine”.

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