Palestinian Arab Muslim Killer of 6 Soldiers and 2 Civilians Sentenced to 8 Life Terms

July 18th, 2007

Palestinian sentenced to eight life terms for his involvement in the murder of two civilians and the killing of six IDF soldiers

On July 16th 2007, the Military Court of Judea sentenced Shadi Sayid Suleiman Sayidah to eight consecutive life terms. Sayidah was convicted of the following crimes:

The killing, along with an accomplice, of six IDF soldiers in the attack on the Ein Ariq crossing in February 2002.

The murder of Muhammad Hassin Ibrahim Azamkaneh, suspected by Sayidah to be cooperating with Israel, in September 2003.

Involvement in the attack at the Tel Aviv promenade in July 2003 in which Amir Simhon was stabbed and murdered.

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