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Palestinian Arab Math

Lee Kaplan has a biting and formidable article that cuts straight through to the fiction that is the fabric of the entity calling itself Palestine. It’s such a good article that I wish I had written it. A must read. Excerpted from Israel National News:

Since 1993, the world has been the victim of the biggest welfare scam in history. I’m referring specifically to the Arab League’s and Gamal Nasser’s creation of of a “Palestinian” Arab nationality to justify the unremitting attacks on the Jewish state of Israel. Billions of dollars in aid money have been given to the “Palestinians”; yet, they are still dispossessed and poor, or so they say, and victims of the “greatest genocide” in history by the Jews of Israel. You hear this constantly in America on college campuses, More welfare money is always needed by the leadership that spends it on themselves.and now even in mainstream media, particularly by those lovely folks in the International Solidarity Movement, a gang the Israeli government somehow can’t stop within its own borders. Most Israelis know about the “festering wound” of Arabs who were displaced by the War of Independence in 1948. Many were put into refugee camps after the war by other Arabs to sit until the Jews would be driven into the sea at a later date. Others among the Arabs made lives for themselves, but still claimed they were “refugees,” and, by 1964, the official front of the PLO was organized under the Egyptian Yasser Arafat. Arafat was a whiz at Palestinian math. He got all the Arab League to give separate passports to “Palestinians” and to not let them assimilate. For good measure, he got them to make every “Palestinian” tithe to Arafat’s PLO. After all, when Palestinian mathematics makes numbers appear and disappear at random, more welfare money is always needed by the leadership that spends it on themselves.

Click here to read the rest of Lee Kaplan’s well-researched article.

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