“Palestine Awareness Week”

An excerpt from Yiddishe-Kop 2.0:

For those of you who didn’t know, April 17th – 21st is Palestine Awareness Week here at the U of I. Or, “Israel, Palestine, and the New Apartheid Regime“, if you’d rather use the Arab Student Association’s name for it.

Amomg the many events planned to supposedly commemorate the plight of the poor, oppressed Palestinians, most seem to do little more than demonize Israel.

Take the lecture scheduled for Thursday evening, for instance: “Israel and South Africa– The Apartheid Connection”, given by Francis Boyle, who in addition to being a “scholar” in international law and human rights, also happens to teach law courses here. Or, “From Ethnic Cleansing to Equal Rights: On Conflict Resolution”, given by a Poli. Sci. professor at ISU. Or, “Resisting the New Apartheid: Divestment and Solidarity”, led by Fayyad Sbaihat, head of the Palestine Solidarity Movement and its Divestment Campaign.

These events don’t help make the case for Palestinian statehood. They simply divert attention from the fact that the Palestinians have done absolutely nothing worthy of our support. But, I suppose the Palestine Awareness Week calendar would look quite empty if the ASA and other groups sponsoring it had actually decided to focus on Palestinian contrubtions to the peace process instead of promulgating anti-Israel mythology. In all honesty, Palestine Awareness Week appears to be much more of an anti-Israel hatefest and exercise in academic antisemitism than a call for pro-Palestinian solidarity and peace with Israel. And everyone seems to be okay with it. I can’t believe how blind people can be sometimes. Especially after things like this.

But no one’s asking me.

But Yiddishe Kop, your opinion does matter. Like Abba Eban said, Israel’s right to exist, like that of the United States, Saudi Arabia and 152 other states, is axiomatic and unreserved. Israel’s legitimacy is not suspended in midair awaiting acknowledgement…. from anyone.

The tables will turn. It’s time to kick the Jew-haters in the throat and then break their resolve. It’s the only way to domestic a wild animal, just like Ishmael the wildebeast who is their forefather.

He will be a wild man. His hand will be against everyone, and everyone’s hand will be against him. Still he will dwell undisturbed among all his brothers. (Genesis 16,12)

Remember this, my Jewish readers, hold your head up high, don’t bow down, don’t feel insecure. We are righteous. Our restoration and return and reoccupation of our own land cannot be called theft by anyone. We are owed – we are due – the right to exist as a separate, distinct people on our own homeland.

We will never be defeated nor will we be proven to be the murderers that Muslims claim we are – we are a G-d fearing nation; Muslims are not capable of humility because they do not fear their god.

Every thief – and that’s what “palestinian” Arabs are who claim that Israel was singulary non-Jewish – believes that he won’t be caught in the act. He thinks he is clever enough to get away with his crime. Muslim Arabs don’t invest a lot of effort in engaging in wars with little concern about losing them, or worry about terrorism against innocent civilians. Ironically, they still reap the reward of world approval even as they engage in behavior that is abhorrent to all men.

But their days of glory and propaganda are ending. Remember, the strategic importance of Muslim Arabs to the world stems only from the oil that lies under their soil, not from anything they produce by the sweat of their brow or the genius of their ideas. The success that Muslim Arabs enjoy is not due to any sort of achievement of theirs.

There is no doubt that Israel was the Jewish homeland at the time of the destruction of the Second Temple. Josephus Flavius and other Roman and Greek historians, testify to the truth of these propositions. We are not thieves – we always said we would return. Muslims say “Didn’t God cast the Jews out of Israel?” Indeed, but He also promised to bring them back.

Besides, why bother with usual politically correct explanations of why Arabs do what they do. Very simply they burn synagogues, kill Jews and others, kill each other, rip the clitoris from their daughters, kill family members for inappropriate affairs, and make this world a hell hole, because their culture has been a destructive and death oriented culture for the past several hundred years.

The Muslim Arabs are the real thieves, the real squatters. They are the thieves who are attempting to persuade their intended victim – the Jew – that he is morally wrong for not giving them what they want to steal.

The only way to defeat the Muslim Arab is by being proud of who we are and asserting our basic human right to resist the thief and protect what belongs to us.

I am disgusted with the demonization of Israel, the Nazification of Zionism, the politicization of all things Israeli, the Arafatian oversimplification reducing all discussions of Israel to the Palestinian problem.

It is the Muslim Arabs who are the real land squatters. Sure, any group of people living in a geographic location, even for a generation or two, will develop certain local customs.

Palestinians think they have become a nation merely because of political pressures, but don’t be fooled – that only happened fairly recently. Their claims of there having been Palestine “from time immemorial” that the nasty Jews came and destroyed is absolutely ridiculous.

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