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Rubble Yields Silver Temple ‘Tax’ Half-shekel

Originally published: Another stab into the heart of the mythos of “ancient Palestine”.  Via JPost: Photo: Leah Ne’eman Two ancient coins, one used to pay the Temple tax and another minted by the Greek leader the Jews fought in the story of Hanukka, have been uncovered amid debris from Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, an Israeli…… Keep Reading

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Jerusalem Dig Uncovers Ancient City Walls

Originally published: Another stab into the heart of Palestinianism. From Reuters ( visit the link soon before they scratch it from the etherworld ): Israeli archaeologists unveiled on Wednesday a 2,100-year-old Jerusalem perimeter wall on Mount Zion at the southern edge of Jerusalem’s Old City, which dates back to the Second Jewish Temple. The…… Keep Reading

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2,000-year-old rare coins discovered in Jerusalem cave

During a renewed excavation at near the Temple Mount, archaeologists unearthed dozens of bronze coins from the Jewish revolt against Rome. Via A trove of rare bronze coins, the last remnants of a four-year Jewish revolt against the Roman Empire, has been discovered in a cave near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. During the…… Keep Reading

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Solomon’s Temple-Era Artifacts Found for First Time on Temple Mount

Originally posted on Bridges for Peace: November 4, 2016 Volunteer groups sifting material from the Temple Mount in the Emek Tzurim National Park Friday, 04 November 2016 | Artifacts including tiny shards of clay and bone from the time of Solomon’s Temple were unearthed for the first time on the Temple Mount, Israeli archaeologists revealed…… Keep Reading


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The Peel Commission of 1936-1937

The violence of the Arab Revolt starting in 1936 led Britain to set up a new Royal Commission (the Peel Commission) in to examine the conflict between Arabs and Jews in Palestine. A long term solution was needed for the political future of Palestine. The Jewish Homeland contemplated by the Mandate could develop as an… Keep Reading

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DePaul Students Demand Professor Apologize after Pro-Israel Op-Ed

Via Newsweek: A student coalition called for DePaul University in Chicago to censure philosophy professor Jason D. Hill and for him to issue a public apology for an op-ed he wrote and attend racial sensitivity training. Jamaican-born Hill told Newsweek that he anticipated the op-ed would receive criticism after the positive treatment he gave Jewish… Keep Reading

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Quit Harping on U.S. Aid to Israel

Via The Atlantic: “U.S. assistance to Israel demands far less in both blood and treasure than many other American defense relationships around the world. According to the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the U.S. spends $36 billion annually on military capabilities in Europe, almost 10 times its annual assistance package to Israel, and American soldiers… Keep Reading


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Graphic: Eyewitness to Ramallah Lynching by Palestinians

Video: Eyewitness to Ramallah Lynching by Palestinians See also Pictures from the Gamla site (some are graphic) Israeli Journalist on the Ramallah Lynchings Sunday Telegraph (London) 10/15/2000 MARK SEAGER, 29, a British photographer, was working on a pictorial study of Palestinian refugees when he found himself caught up in the… Keep Reading

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Bride of Dracula

Folks, when you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas. Check out the following article which gives one insight into George Felos’ equally nutty wife. Check this article out. Yesterday, I wrote about how George Felos, Michael Schaivo’s attorney, is the author of a book entitled “Litigation as Spiritual Practice.” on the Mark… Keep Reading

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March 18, 2005 is the death date set by Judge Greer to kill Terri Schiavo

Folks, as of this writing, the web site counter statistics at Terri’s Fight, shows 1,649,496, and increasing exponentially every minute. That says a lot about how many people care about Terri Schiavo. But that’s not of any comfort to Terri’s family. Imagine, folks. Imagine being Terri’s mom, having given birth to a beautiful daughter and… Keep Reading

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Terri Schiavo died of murder today

Folks, it is with much anguish that I write that Terri Schiavo died of murder today, after being starved to death by the State of Florida. It’s important that you all remember that Terri Schiavo was not dying before they killed her 13 days ago. She was alive. She only started dying after the State… Keep Reading

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Thou Shalt Not Kill

Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube was removed today in a fiercely cruel act of judicial tyranny. Deafening is the only word for the silence from the left and the Hollywood elite yet the moment an al Qaeda terrorist is rumored to have been sent to bed without supper, everyone writes a letter and lights a candle.… Keep Reading

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Had to go to the emergency room – was dehydrated – hooked up to IV drip then went home – still am… Keep Reading

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