PA unity deal in crisis

May the entire fabricated “palestinian” nation implode mercilessly, and may the abomination be miraculously removed from its position where it contaminates the Holiest of Holies, without harm or injury to the Jewish nation nor to the Jewish people. Amen. Via YnetNews:

The “Palestinian” unity government deal reached in Mecca between Hamas and Fatah was thrown into question Wednesday night when “Palestinian” President Mahmoud Abbas canceled the Thursday speech in which he intended to present the deal to the “Palestinian” people. Abbas also called off a Thursday visit to the Gaza Strip, where he was slated to deliver to Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh the letter of appointment for the establishment of the coalition government. “Palestinian” sources said the crisis broke out due in part to disagreements over the Interior Ministry portfolio. According to the sources, the conflict primarily resulted from disagreement over appointments. Haniyeh was supposed to serve his resignation Thursday immediately after Abbas’ speech. Now, however, Haniyeh has delayed his resignation.

They even stab each other in the back. B”H, this is the Hand of G-d at work.

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