PA TV resumes encouraging children to become martyrs

Yes, folks. Islam practices infanticide. From PA TV Resumes Encouraging Children to Become Martyrs:

After a three-year hiatus, official Palestinian Authority (PA) television – which is under the authority of Mahmoud Abbas – has begun rebroadcasting a video shown hundreds of times between 2000 and 2004 depicting the child Muhammad al-Dura, who was killed in a crossfire, beckoning child viewers to “follow me” to heaven. This is disappointing, given that Abbas told author Elie Wiesel just two weeks ago in Petra that he would work to stamp out “instigation” in school curricula as well as in the media and literature. Yet through PA TV the Palestinian cult of martyrdom is being perpetuated rather than dismantled.

Here are some more quotes from PA TV to commit genocide against Jews, from PA TV:

“The Prophet said: The Resurrection will not take place until the Muslims fight the Jews, and the Muslims kill them. [R]ejoice in Allah’s Victory… Everything wants vengeance on the Jews… these pigs on the face of the earth. And the day of our victory, Allah willing, will come.” (PA TV, Sept 10, 2004) Another senior Islamic scholar spoke of Jews as “the brothers of the monkeys and pigs.” (PA TV, Sept. 12, 2004).

As Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook state, “media incitement per se is not the problem. The problem is Palestinian aspirations for Israel’s destruction.” Stop the ethnic cleansing of indigenous Jews from their ancient homeland of Israel now!

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