PA Spokesman: Are the Palestinians a Violent Society?

A palestinian begins to look inward. Could this be a step forward to evolving? From MEMRI:

Palestinian government spokesman Dr. Ghazi Hamad wrote in Al-Ayyam on October 17, 2006: “Are we really a violent society?…It has become the master that we obey everywhere – in the home, in the neighborhood, in the family….Our celebrations have no point or meaning, unless during them we fire a volley of bullets that echoes alongside the women’s ululations of joy. Under sad circumstances and at funerals, our heroes volunteer to ‘puncture’ the air with hundreds of shots from their rifles. It is inconceivable for our marches – whatever their goals and political color – not to have dozens of rifles and armed gangs climbing on cars and aiming rifles, and youths leaning out of car windows waving the barrels of the Kalashnikovs and roaring with joy.”

“When we are angry at the electric company, we have no solution but to shatter its [equipment] and break its furniture. When we are angry at the municipality or at the governor, we call in a group of masked gunmen – the heroes of our age – to climb on the rooftop and draw their weapons in front of the satellite TV [reporters].”

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