PA Ministry of Culture Glorifies Suicide Terrorist

This past week, while the nation of Israel exemplified through her land-for-nothing sacrifice that her goal is always peace and loving-kindness, we have on the flipside, rather, the darkside, the sewage runoff of the neo-kleptocracy, Palestine, as we read that the PA’s Ministry of Culture released its “Book of the Month” Monday, a poetry collection entitled “What Did Hanadi Say?” – honoring suicide terrorist Hanadi Jaradat, who murdered 29 Jews and Arabs in a suicide bombing in a Haifa restaurant in October 2003.

Distributed as a special supplement in the daily Al-Ayyam, the collection includes a poem calling Jaradat’s act of suicide terror “the highest goal.”

See, folks? The Palestinian Authority does not hesitate to let the world know by publishing this poem that terror, murder, rape, the smell of blood and the gore of sinew are their highest goal and is their greatest contribution to civilization, proving once again that the Abrahamic faiths of Judaism and Christianity have nothing at all in common with the moon-god cult believers of Mohammed.