pA glorifies Jerusalem couple’s murderers as martyrs

Folks, while the palestinian Authority is praised for its “fight” against terror, in Arabic the pA continues to glorify terror targeting Israelis. Dov Kol, 58, and Rachel Kol, 53, of Jerusalem were murdered and another five Israelis were wounded on July 23 when palestinian terrorists opened fire on their vehicles as they were leaving Gush Katif. The pA’s official daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida published a photo of the murderers in uniform and holding weapons, with the caption: “The executors of the attack in Gaza, the Shahids (Martyrs) Yekhya Abu Taha and Tariq Yassin.” Under the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas, the pA’s official daily continues to endorse the murder of Jews and grants to the murderers the elevated status of Shahid – Martyr for Allah.So, Condi, did you scold the Arabs like you scolded the Jews or did you let the unevolved get another pass because – let’s face it – deep down you believe that only Arabs are entitled to self-determination.

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