Our army base before the war zone

Received by email:
I am continuing my update to you about the amazing (and potentially terrifying) things that are happening at the Yeshivah in Kiryat Shemonah, because from the feedback I have been receiving, it seems that it is of major importance to many of you, and that our personal story helps you to feel very much more involved in our crisis here in the north of Israel.

The Yeshivah has now become an unofficial army base, especially since the enormous tragedy at Kfar Giladi. Battalions of paratroopers, armoured corps and bomb disposal squads are being housed on a temporary basis in the dorms of the regular Yeshivah students, 40-50 of whom have been volunteering day and night, visiting those left in the bomb shelters, delivering food and other necessities (in
conjunction with the local council and emergency services). Another 40 or so alumni have come up to help, leaving their wives and families in the center of the country. They have all been sleeping on mattresses in the dining hall (if they have the time to do so) , so that the reservists can have at least a few decent hours of sleep before being transferred to active duty in Lebanon.

I look at our people, and I can’t find the words that could ever adequately express my wonder at the greatness of Am Yisrael.

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