Others agree that John Kerry is the worst choice for President

Folks, John Kerry is unfit for command, no matter how you slice it. The fact is that there is little discussion about what his qualifications for the presidency really are. Serving in Vietnam for three or four months doesn’t qualify for anything. What has he done as Senator in 19 years? Thousands feel the same way as I do:

Michael Pacer, in a letter to Joseph Farah:

“I don’t want Kerry to lose because he based his presidential race on his bogus war record. I want him to lose because he is the most liberal senator in Washington. I want the American people to understand that this man is more liberal (read socialist) than Teddy Kennedy or Hillary Clinton. He is a weak-kneed Massachusetts liberal that has consistently voted to undermine our national security, the military and the CIA, and will drag this country down into the dirt. His presidency will be as disastrous as that of Jimmy Carter, socially, economically and in foreign policy. Under his steady hand, we will return to a time of sensitivity in the face of homicidal terrorism, a time of greater social programs, when the money should be spent on national defense, and a greater dependence on the United Nations in making our foreign policy decisions. Sure, that’ll work. If John Kerry wins, our enemies will be celebrating worldwide because they will know that we have lost the will to fight. Then God help us all!”

Ken Swick writes about the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party:

“Why do the Democrats expect to get a free ride with Michael Moore, Spielberg, Martin Sheen, Whoopie, Bono, Springstein, Striesand, moveon.org, and the ever-expanding realm of free campaigning and propaganda produced by “their” machines while demanding that the Republicans stop decorated Vietnam veterans, who have every right to expound on the subject of the Vietnam War, from expressing their strongly held views about what occurred there? They earned the right to comment. The Democrats certainly don’t seem to mind positive comments about Kerry’s action there! Are we to understand that positive comments are fine while negative comments are not acceptable? Why do the Democrats seem to think it was proper that Republicans did not disrupt their convention while they are planning major disruptions during the Republican convention, a la Michael Moore (their personal attack dog) and other planned events? Why do they think it is proper for them to campaign during the Republican convention, breaking with years of campaign tradition, while the Republicans did not do so during their convention? There are major differences between the two parties: Big government vs. small government, taxation vs. lowering taxes, socialism vs. individual responsibility to name a few. ”

Harold Reimann says it best:

“John Kerry got three Purple Hearts in 90 days of combat in Vietnam. He didn’t stay a day in the hospital. My hero, George Patton, got his nose broken three times and an arm broken twice just playing football for West Point. He received a Purple Heart in World War I by almost dying from machinegun fire.

John Kerry opted to go home after three Purple Hearts and four months of duty (one month in training). George Patton … took tank training from the French in World War I, then trained our men and led them. After the war he wanted Congress to build tanks but they didn’t listen until the blitz.

Between the wars he learned to fly and led the way in light-plane flight observation of the battlefield. You know what he did in World War II. Maybe you didn’t know that after the Germans were defeated, he volunteered to fight in the Pacific. Can you imagine MacArthur and Patton together?

George Patton had a son named after him who graduated from West Point several days after he died. He fought with honor in Korea and Vietnam. He died last month and the Boston Globe reported that Patton II said Kerry’s anti-war action “gave aid and comfort to the enemy and probably caused some of my guys to get killed.”

Folks, if Gd Forbid, John Kerry wins this election, I will change the color of this blog to BLACK, because I will be in mourning for the Late Great United States of America. And I will be in mourning not because Mohammedans will have blown up our country, which they certainly will once Kerry is elected, but I will be in mourning because the majority of Americans are left-leaning tree-hugging godless dumbasses, who have already lost their moral compasses, and were stupid enough to vote for John Kerry.

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