The Other Jihad

From The Other Jihad:

The empty mosque in a Christian town in Kenya wasn’t meant for worshippers. Funded by Saudis, it was meant to stake a claim.

On a trip to Kenya and Tanzania last month, I saw recently built mosques wherever I went, part of “the other jihad,” the slow-roll attempt by Muslim fundamentalists from the Arabian Peninsula to reclaim East Africa.

Now, Arab money threatens to undermine the fragile unity of these struggling African states.

We dismiss bin Laden’s dream of re-establishing the caliphate as madness. But Saudis, Yemenis, Omanis, and oil-rich Gulf Arabs are every bit as determined as bin Laden to reassert Muslim domination of the lands Islam once ruled.

The differences between the Saudi ruling family and bin Laden aren’t so much about goals as about methods.

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