OT But Important to Read: Ex-green beret to Kerry: ‘You are a liar’

Ex-green beret to Kerry: ‘You are a liar’

A former Special Forces green beret who served in Vietnam has touched a nerve with fellow veterans after penning a scathing column hammering Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.

“I’ve been deluged with e-mails,” Don Bendell told WND. Most of the e-mails and phone calls he’s received are from fellow Vietnam veterans, though he says some are from military personnel serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Take a look at my website,” Bendell said, “and the number of guest-book entries.”

Here, at Smooth Stone, we don’t want to see a villifying liar as our next president. When the next terror attack hits the United States, and folks, you know that the Islamofascists will do the unthinkable, we will want a solid leader in office who will have the brains, courage, integrity, stamina and discipline to defend us.

Folks, WE ALREADY ARE AT WAR NOW, and why anyone would want a phony (have you heard how he talks? what is up with that accent anyway?!) appeaser like Kerry, is beyond our comprehension. In the name of the three thousand who died on 9/11, and for all those who have died at the hands of murderous Islamofascists, and for all of the American soliders who died during and who are still missing from VietNam, DO NOT VOTE FOR KERRY.

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