One Family Fund

Since September 2000, a deep wail has filled the land of Israel — the wail of ambulance sirens, of parents who have lost children, of children now orphaned.

1,038 mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, sons and daughters, children, and pregnant women, have been buried here — their blood flowing from the murderous hands of the terrorists. More Israelis have been murdered by terrorists in the last four years than in all 52 previous years of Israel’s statehood. In addition to those frightening numbers, another 6,950 have been injured in these attacks, and of those survivors, over 2000 will live with permanent physical disabilities as a constant, ceaseless reminder (as if there needs to be one) of the evil of terror. At the date of this writing, 770 Israeli children have lost one or both parents in terror attacks.

The OneFamily Fund, founded by the Belzberg family three years ago, has succeeded in raising and distributing over $10.5 million to more than 2200 survivors of terror and their families. OneFamily’s success lies in the belief that anyone, anywhere can rally to this cause and contribute any piece of good he or she wishes to offer. OneFamily provides every type of service from financial needs, legal advice, emotional counseling, physical therapy, and the simple therapeutic message that these heroes and their families are not forgotten; each of these individuals is unique, significant, and loved. Through OneFamily, we have been able to witness the greatness of our courage, the largesse of our desire to give to one another, and the reminder that, no matter what differentiates us, we are all one majestic family.

There is also an Orphans’ Fund (OneFamily is currently attempting to raise $30 million for this fund ) and a Simcha Fund established in cooperation with the website, to provide financial assistance to survivors and their families for simchas, such as a brit, wedding, and other joyous events.

Donors can designate exactly how they want their services or money to be donated — toward a pair of glass eyes, a leak in the roof, or a computer for a disabled child — it goes exactly where requested.

Please visit OneFamily Fund and One Family: Israel’s Pearl Maker for more information.

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