On-line letter challenges PCUSA leadership bias, from American Interfaith Institute

Research through American Interfaith Institute’s FaithsForFairness project shows a long-standing pattern of bias and one-sided advocacy toward the Palestinians by the leadership and staff of the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) in their Middle East relationships.

On fact-finding trips to the Middle East, FaithsForFairness found that the leadership makes a point of visiting governmental officials in the countries and territories bordering Israel, but have not visited Israeli governmental officials. FaithsForFairness has found that the leaders and staff make a point of aligning themselves with pro-Palestinian organizations, but have not been a party to pro-Israel organizations. FaithsForFairness has found that the leaders and staff assist pro-Palestinian organizations in making presentations at churches, seminaries, and other Presbyterian venues, but have not solicited pro-Israel organizations to make similar presentations.

To question Presbyterian Church USA leaders about these facts, FaithsForFairness.org, the website of the American Interfaith Institute, now includes a letter-writing campaign directed to two top leaders of the Presbyterian Church USA, Stated Clerk Clifton Kirkpatrick and General Assembly Council Executive Director John Detterick. Through 24 very specific questions, this letter challenges these officials to explain their Church’s position.

As many of you know, a Presbyterian Church USA delegation visited Hezbollah on October 20, 2005. One of the questions in the letter asks about Presbyterian delegations visiting Hezbollah on three prior occasions, in May 2002, June 2004, and October 2004.

More than 8,000 Presbyterian Churches have been notified as to the existence of this letter. They have been encouraged to print, sign and fax the letter to PCUSA headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky.

The public deserves answers from the PCUSA leadership.

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