On the horizon: a future Palestinian-Jordanian confederation?

Via Daily News Alert from Israel: Jordan’s King Abdullah is becoming so nervous that a failing independent Palestinian Arab state may end up reuniting with his own kingdom that he has asked President Bush and Secretary of State Rice to publicly oppose the idea, an American diplomat said. The idea of a Palestinian-Jordanian federation is beginning to gain some momentum in Amman, Jerusalem, and Ramallah. See also Palestinian-Jordanian Cooperation? Former Jordanian and Palestinian officials are pushing for greater economic and security cooperation, and even noting the distant possibility for the future confederation of their governments. See also A West Bank-Jordan Alliance? With an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank possible, influential Palestinians and Jordanians are debating new models for much closer security, economic, and political cooperation between the West Bank and Jordan. Will West Bank Palestinians seek to ally themselves with an Islamist Gaza mired in lawlessness, or will they stake their security and economic fortunes to the Hashemite kingdom?

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