Olmert: The worst disease to hit Israel since West Nile virus

Olmert is a chancre sore. He needs to go. Now. From Israel Approves Provision of 25 Armored Vehicles to PA Security Forces:

Prime Minister Olmert has approved the supply of 25 armored vehicles to the Palestinian security services in the West Bank as a goodwill gesture to Mahmoud Abbas ahead of the Annapolis peace conference. The palestinians will also receive from Israel two million bullets supplied by Jordan. The Prime Minister’s Office denied previous reports that Israel would supply 50 armored vehicles and 1,000 rifles to the Palestinians.

I could only hope that nano-sized GPS locators are embedded in these armored vehicles, so that the IDF can locate the Muslim barbarians who will be driving them towards Israeli targets. Otherwise, there is no reason, other than Olmert having no conscience, for him to have agreed to this provision to provide Israel’s mortal enemies with weapons.

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