Olmert: We must evacuate Jews

During his victory speech last night, Olmert made clear his administration will immediately seek to “evacuate Jews” from most of the West Bank. Kadima officials also have stated the party would seek to give parts of Jerusalem to the palestinians to form a state.

Folks, it is no secret that palestinians demand that Israel dismantle and evacuate every single Jewish community built since 1967 on lands owned by no one, where not a single soul was dispossessed.

Folks, if and when Jerusalem, G-d Forbid, is split, which side will get the Temple Mount? Will this be the occasion of the building of the Third Temple?

To those of us who know better, it is in reality an appeasement to cede land to barbaric palestinian terrorists who themselves fabricated a history, a culture, and a society in order to institute a kleptocracy.

It is the palestinians who are the true occupiers, squatters, and land-grabbing aggressors.

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