Government approves continuation of excavations at Mugrabi Gate ramp

Information Department, Israel Foreign Ministry – Jerusalem
Jerusalem, 11 February 2007

Government approves continuation of excavations at Mugrabi Gate ramp
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

The Government today (Sunday), 11 February 2007, unanimously approved a draft decision by which excavations will continue at the Mugrabi Gate ramp (

The draft passed with the support of all Ministers present; three Ministers were absent from the discussion.

The proposal determines:

1. To continue with the planned construction of the Mugrabi Gate ramp in a way that allows completion in the least possible time. To the extent that a municipal building plan will be required – one will be brought for approval as quickly as possible.

2. The Foreign Ministry will continue to deal with the international aspects, including in regard with UNESCO.

3. Continuation of coordination with international bodies, while maintaining full transparency of events at the site.

4. The ISA and the Israel Police will continue operational and intelligence preparedness.

5. Minister for Jerusalem Affairs Yaacov Edery will be responsible for this issue.

6. Information activities will be coordinated with the Prime Minister’s Media Advisor.

After being briefed, all Ministers unanimously agreed that the excavations cause no damage whatsoever to any Islamic holy site.

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