Obituaries of some of Haifa’s murdered Jews

Obituaries of some of Haifa’s murdered Jews

Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 21:32:05 +0200
Subject: 8 Dead Jews Haifa Today

Shlomi Mansora, from Nahariya, 35,
Reuven Levi, from Kiryat Atta,45
Dennis Lapidus, Kiryat Yam, 24
Shmuel Ben Shimon , Yokneam Illit, 41
Nisiim Elharar, Kiryat Ata, 43
Ashahel Damati, Kiryat Yam 39
David Feldman, Kiryat Yam, 28
Rafi Chazan, Haifa,30

Reuven Levi is survived by wife, Tirza and daughter, Almog, 14, …he worked daily and never missed a day of work , even when sick..

Ashahel Damati had a younger brother who died of cancer 11 years ago…..he is survived by his wife, Tali and daughter, Danielle, 1 year old, …he is survived by his parents, Rav Meshulam Damati and mother, and three siblings

Last week on Sunday, the family celebrated Danielle’s 1st birthday, today Danielle is a baby who can’t say kaddish for her father

On Thursday he was called up to IDF reserves as he was an IAF mechanic.. He showed up to the reserves and due to his age, was sent home on Thursday night from the IDF offices in Haifa! His best friend Nisiim Elharar made the shidduch (match) between Ashahel and
Tali! Nisiim died too today from the katyusha

Rafi Chazan got married last month to Vered. He and his newly wed wife had just moved into their own apartment last week after spending first few weeks of marriage at Rafi’s parents’ home. Rafi is survived by his mother and four siblings and his bride of 30days!…Vered declined the visit to Abu Kbair to identify her husband’s burned body…..his last words to her was at 5 am, ” I love you and see you tonight.” ..As Rafi left to work this morning, Vered asked him not to go to work due to the katyushas on Haifa. HE answered “My father is watching over me from heaven (Rafi’s father died 1 year ago)

Luba Feldman is a nurse in Rambam Hospital in Haifa…she looked for David’s name amongst the 50i njured patients arriving from the missile hit…David Feldman did not answer his cell phone all morning……David was going to celebrate his 28th birthday and get married on Tu Baav next month to Carmit and tonight they were supposed to look for wedding halls in Haifa together…Instead the fiancee will be burying his husband to be tomorrow

Nisiim Elharar had just sent out the invitations to his son, Nadav’s bar mitzvah for next month…”Who will come with me to the Kotel to be bar mitzvah, asked Nadav tonight to his mother, Orly, and his siblings>? He had just gotten tefilin from his father last week!
Orly said that 10 minutes before the katyusha hit the train workers, Nisiim had called the house to speak to the kids to stay indoors today due to possible more katyushas!>>10 minutes later Nisiim was burned to a crisp by the katyusha.

hashem yikam damam

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