Obama Job Approval Dips Below 60% For First Time

And it won’t be the last.  h/t RightBias. For the first time since Gallup began tracking Barack Obama’s presidential job approval rating on Jan. 21, fewer than 60% of Americans approve of the job he is doing as president.

See this Gallup poll.

And a striking example below of ObamaJerks who refuse to investigate his association with the terrorist William Ayers, his 20 year association with the Afro-Fascist Reverend “God-damn America” Wright,  his association with the racketeer Tony Rezko, his abandonment of his  dirt-poor half-brother in Kenya who he doesn’t give a dime to and who voted for him regardless of his glaring lack of experience to have him be their commander in chief.

Obamania mania continues as markets tank

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