The NY Times pushes its anti-American agenda

Leave it to Deborah Sontag of the NY Times to villify war veterans by using misinformation tactics in order to taint crime statistics just as reports are coming in on how the surge against Muslim barbarians is succeeding.

According to Reuters, Deborah Sontag reported today that:

At least 121 Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans have committed a killing or been charged in one in the United States after returning from combat

The newspaper said it also logged 349 homicides involving all active-duty military personnel and new veterans in the six years since military action began in Afghanistan, and later Iraq. That represents an 89-percent increase over the previous six-year period, the newspaper said. About three-quarters of those homicides involved Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, the newspaper said. The report did not illuminate the exact relationship between those cases and the 121 killings also mentioned in the report.

The newspaper said its research involved searching local news reports, examining police, court and military records and interviewing defendants, their lawyers and families, victims’ families and military and law enforcement officials.

We have to look at this report and ask Sontag the following questions. Hopefully, by doing so, we will dilute her effort, and her employer’s raison d’etre, to soften up America.

1) What is the total number of war veterans who have returned from a tour of duty in the last six years?

2) What is the total number of war veterans who have returned from a tour of duty in the last six years who did not commit a killing or who was not charged in one?

3) What percentage – out of all returning war veterans – are those 121 returning war veterans?

4) How does that percentage compare to the percentage of war veterans who committed murder or who was chared in one returning from Vietnam, Korea, and from WW II?

5) How many of those 121 returning war veterans were in actual combat while they were in Iraq or Afghanistan?

6) How many of those returning war veterans were criminals before they began their tour of duty?

7) How many of those killings were car accidents, involuntary manslaughter or fatal car crashes resulting from drunken driving?

8) What were the ages of the war veterans? The sex of all 121 was determined to be male, except in one case, according to the article.

9) Did Sontag break down how many of those were white, black, Latino etc? And how do those breakdowns compare to standard deviation methodology when reporting racial demographics inherent in homicidal behavior?

It’s also interesting to note that Sontag blames gun ownership as an established link between combat trauma, along with child abuse, substance abuse and other criminality. Too bad Sontag doesn’t realize that gun owndership is not a crime.

The aforementioned are just some of the questions intelligent readers need to ask to determine whether Deborah Sontag is publishing a phenomenom or an abberation.

Additional research to Sontag’s theory was “contributed” by Alain Delaqueriere, Amy Finnerty, Teddy Kider, Andrew Lehren, Renwick McLean, Jenny Nordberg and Margot Williams.

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