NY Times Dishonors Our Military

Received by email from Move America Forward:

Just when you think the liberal media has stooped to another low, they do it again – this time dishonoring one of America’s finest heroes, Marine Cpl. Jason Dunham of Scio, New York.

President Bush announced earlier this month that the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest military decoration, will be awarded posthumously to Dunham, who would have turned 25 this month.

He is only the second American Marine to receive the Medal of Honor since the Iraq War began. Despite his life-saving heroism and the award by President Bush, the New York Times REFUSED to write ONE WORD about this gallant Marine, even though he was a New York resident.

What a disgrace.

The New York Times has no problem disclosing America’s intelligence secrets so our enemies can find out how to escape from us, but they don’t have the decency to even tell their readers about a truly great American young man from their own state?

Let me tell you about Cpl. Dunham.

In April of 2004, he was leading a patrol of Marines in an Iraqi town near the Syrian border. He was on his SECOND tour of duty in Iraq. When a nearby Marine convoy was ambushed, Cpl. Dunham led his squad to the site of the attack, where he and his men stopped a convoy of cars that were attempting to escape.

As he moved to search one of the vehicles, an insurgent jumped out and grabbed Cpl. Dunham by the throat. The corporal engaged the enemy in hand-to-hand combat and, at one point, he shouted to fellow Marines, ‘No, no, no, watch his hand!’

Moments later, a grenade rolled out. Cpl. Dunham jumped on the grenade to protect his fellow Marines, using his helmet and body to absorb the blast. Dunham was critically wounded in the explosion and died eight days later at Bethesda Naval Hospital near Washington, D.C.

Despite his heroism and his being awarded the Medal of Honor, the New York Times has COMPLETELY IGNORED HIS HEROISM. How do you think that makes our courageous men and women in the military feel?

We can’t count on the news media to tell us about the fantastic job done by our troops in Iraq. Our Gold Star Family trip to Iraq had the opportunity to see the progress the United States is making in Iraq, despite the poor news coverage.

If you have not read the report by the Gold Star Families on their trip, you should do so right away. You can download it from our website, www.MoveAmericaForward.org.

It has some important insights on supporting our troops and their mission to destroy international Islamic terrorism in Iraq BEFORE the battle is on our shores more than it already is.

One of the things the troops said to the Gold Star families is how much they appreciated the gifts from every day Americans — especially the cookies and coffee, which is in short supply as far as quality coffee goes.

This holiday season is a great time to follow-up on the promise of the Gold Star families to send more cookies and coffee right away so they would have it for the holidays, when they are in combat areas and away from their families.

Please help make the American military men and women feel appreciated by sending them some holiday coffee and cookies. Also, VERY IMPORTANT, please write a brief message to the troops that will be included with the coffee and cookies. These troops NEED to hear from Americans that we appreciate their service and sacrifice to keep us free.

Please do it today so they can get their coffee and cookies during the holidays.

You can sponsor a package via the Move America Forward.

If you have a family member or friend in Iraq or Afghanistan, we can send the cookies and coffee directly to them. Just fill in their name and address in the shipping section. If you just want a deserving military man or woman, just put your own address in the shipping box and that is the signal to us that you want us to find someone deserving.

Thank you so much for supporting our troops.

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