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The NY Times continues to sink in its own sludge

Sderot has been hit by what is now 7,000 Qassam rockets fired from neighboring Muslim Gaza. The NY Times owns a classical music radio station, WQXR, and the station’s manager turned down an advertisement that is part of the series that the American Jewish Committee has been airing on hundreds of stations around the country. The ad the Times turned down was about the rain of rockets that has been directed at the civilian population of Sderot. The Times’s radio station manager, Tom Bartunek, wrote to the American Jewish Committee that the ad might be “misleading, at least to the degree that reasonable people might be troubled by the absence of any acknowledgement of reciprocal Israeli military actions.” In other words, according to the NY Times Israel-loathing logic, the only way to broadcast the plight of Sderot’s residents is to equate Israel’s right of self-defense with Hamas’s and Islamic Jihad’s murderous intent to destroy Israel so that it no longer exists.Once again we have proof that the NY Times continues to remain deficient in its ability to restore truth to the Middle East narrative.Click here to read the complete article from the NY Sun.

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