N.Y. audience to meet ‘Suicide Killers’

Want to understand the motivations of real-life “suicide killers”?

Americans will get the chance, beginning today in New York, as a daring documentary focused on the lives and obsessions of Middle East “martyrs” and would-be suicidal terrorists are explored through interviews with survivors and those whose deadly missions failed.

“Suicide Killers,” produced by Frenchman Pierre Rehov, opens today at the AMC Theater on 42nd Street in Manhattan.

Show times are 11:55 a.m., 2 p.m., 4 p.m., 6 p.m., 8 p.m., 10 p.m. and midnight.

The distributor, City Lights Pictures, is giving the English-language film a weeklong Oscar-qualifying run this month in New York, with a release in select U.S. cities tentatively scheduled for later this year.

“We feel this will be one of the most important and provocative documentaries of the year,” City Lights CEO Danny Fisher said.

What can viewers expect?

“First of all, they will see failed suicide killers, talking openly about their failed project, their obsession, their will to kill the Jews and destroy the west,” Rehov told WND. “They will also see a terrorist, still on the loose, talking about his actual project to become a martyr and to kill innocent people in the name of God. For the first time, they will understand the pathology behind the political mask and the real responsibility of Islam, its capacity of brainwashing.”

“Suicide Killers” looks at how terrorists are recruited, what training they get, how they are made into heroes in their own world, as well as the sexual motivations behind their acts.

“Because the main angle of my film is psychological, individual and sexual, I don’t buy into the political propaganda, of course, and I only relay it in order to show the agenda leading to terror,” explains Rehov.

The movie offers no solutions to the problem of suicide bombers, but it opens the door for reflection.

“Suicide Killers” flyer

“We cannot cure what we don’t acknowledge,” said Rehov. “For the first time, a film is describing the real responsibilities behind terrorism and saying, high and clear, that as long as we will feel guilty we won’t find a solution to stop it.”

The documentary is a myth-shatterer, as well. Rehov tackles the idea that Palestinians blow themselves up because they live in misery.

“Palestinians actually blow themselves up because they see the West as impure and because their society, as all of Muslim society, is founded on shame,” he said. “What they call occupation is not Gaza or the West Bank, but Tel Aviv. In their mind, it is not a ‘physical’ occupation, and if Jewish women were hiding their faces behind a shaddor they would accept the Jews. Although, as Muslims, they believe in the theory of replacement. They are the only religion, everything else is second rate. Therefore, they created these terrifying weapons, the suicide killers.”

He continues: “Suicide bombers don’t blow themselves up for revenge, or to gain something earthly for their family. They do so because, in the Palestinian territories, they are the heroes of their generation – better than becoming a doctor, an engineer or a Nobel Prize-winner. The whole society is worshiping them.”

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