NSC-Counter-Terrorism Division Warnings

Against the background of the struggle with Hizbullah and in light of the organization’s desire to kidnap Israelis abroad, the National Security Council Counter-Terrorism Division reiterates the following regarding Israelis abroad:

1. Refrain from visiting or being present in Arab countries regarding which there are travel warnings (all Arab countries except Mauritania and the Comoro Islands).

2. Do not visit or be present in other countries/areas regarding which there are travel warnings, especially Islamic countries.

3. Do not accept enticing and/or unexpected proposals abroad.

4. Do not receive unexpected gifts and invitations to free vacations from suspect and/or unknown elements.

5. Do not accept invitations to unexpected meetings from suspect and/or
unknown elements in remote or isolated places, especially at night.

6. Do not appear alone at unplanned meetings; be accompanied.

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