Now Leftists are willing to butcher music in order to villify Jews

Oh, here we go. Once again we got another schmuck insinuating his twisted version of Bad Jew, this time into George Frideric Handel’s famous 1741 Samson oratorio. See, choir artistic director Simon Capet told CBC Radio that he wanted to “get people talking about music,” when he edited the work. See, what Capet did is rework the piece so that it now takes place in 1946 Palestine, when the battle was raging over land that later would become Israel. In Capet’s version, Samson bombs the King David Hotel.

“Some say I’m brave, some say I’m anti-Israel or whatever, but that is OK,” Capet told the CBC. “The point is to get discussion going.”

Ok, Capet, let’s discuss this: why don’t you go immolate yourself on the altar of your own self-importance. The fact of the matter is that haters like you generally don’t have an ounce of genuine creativity which is why you have chosen to butcher a great artist’s work rather than attempt to create your own. Let’s hope that the people of Canada will do something else, like watch TV, rather than waste their time to see your moronic drivel.

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