Notes from the Jew hater’s “Palestinian” conference at Duke

Folks, here is the dirty news from the dirty Jew haters at the “Palestinian” conference at Duke University. Their dirty message? Get America’s kids, lie to them, deprive them of the truth. Be like a snake and lie. That was the message of the Jew haters. And you know what? Some of the preachers of hate were themselves Jews. Like Ora Wise, who is an Israeli “Palestinian” by birth and the daughter of a rabbi. And she’s also dirty. Here’s one of several reports from Stand With Us



StandWithUs sent people inside the conference… we wanted information so that we can work to counter… Some of this information is EXTREMELY important …help shed light on this… send it around:

Hillel is a good way to infiltrate the organized Jewish community on campus….. that’s because Hillel is a democracy…… Hillel makes it easy to get involved… Some Hillels have brought refusniks to speak… so it will be easy to get “in” and get on their boards….”take a position on their boards” ….That Hillel’s guiding principles agree with Zionism but that different viewpoints are encouraged—so get inside ….and control the debate.

INCITEMENT of YOUNG CHILDREN IN AMERICA AGAINST ISRAEL -(obviously not their name for this, its ours…)

Palestine Education Project (PEP for short) (This is for young children…..around America)

Ora Wise led this session. She is the link between the ISM and the PSM…. Here is what people were told to do: Contact teachers all over the country..NOT PRINCIPALS… go directly to teachers …so you can get in ….go to inner city schools. Speak to minority kids …Thats what Ora Wise does …Once in a classroom, here is how you teach about the Israeli oppression: Give a kid some water, but give other kids a lot of water. Give some kids toys and other kids no toys.Talk about the comparisons. The Israelis have the toys, the water. The Palestinians have nothing(and it is the fault of Israelis. Blame the Israelis)

Talked about how you educate young children in your classrooms about the injustices …Get children to draw photos of their families in their homes. Then show them all the photos of what a Palestinian child would draw, reflecting oppression. (you can order these special pictures) Get a hula hoop. Get the classroom of kids to stand close together around the hoola hoop.Then put a child in the middle of the hoola hoop. The child in the hoolahoop is the Israeli. He has lots of space. All thewater. Everyone else is crowded and uncomfortable….

Palestinian rapper with images of oppression–suggested that people purchase this video (jsallom dot org)



They will use the Presbyterian church to get the Episcopal Church to also divest from companies who do business with Israel…Work to Isolate Israel from the world community through divestment…more on this soon

BUILD BRIDGES between different campus groups..

RADICAL THOUGHTS By NASSER ABUFARHA–author of the Alternative Palestinian Agenda, and doctoral candidate of Cultural Anthropology of the University of Wisconsin

Some of his thoughts: Israel, THE COLONY….is not supported by any other state but by a Jewish population all around the world …The very IDEA of a Jewish state is the problem. There should be no talk of a Jewish state. Ending the occupation will NOT end the struggle. Pulling out tanks will not end the struggle. The STRUGGLE is to END the state of Israel. We should not be expected to give up our country to MAKE ROOM FOR ISRAEL. Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hizbollah… are not radical groups… they are theological outcome of the establishment of a Jewish state on Arab land. PFLP (One of Arafats original terrorist groups)is a leftist group….its only a liberal group. Not a radical group…Challenge the very notion of the Jewish state. Zionism is incompatible with a two state solution…. the two state solution can never work….

DIANA BUTTU stressed that the 1967 war was not a defensive war, that Israel was the aggressor in 1967. She sourced an Israeli historian… Avi Shliam (It makes me crazy that left-wing Jews let themselves be used by their enemies!)….as her source…Bus 19 is evidence of occupation. Two state solution is not possible. Israel is the problem.

MAZIN QUMSIYEH – “Zionism is a disease…”Talked about the right of Return…. the only thing standing in the way of the right of return, is the idea of the Jewish state.

SATYA – from the Ruckus Society She made the Tiananmen Square analogy with Palestinian child and tank inIsrael…..She proposed that cutting down the fence in Israel is a viable nonviolentdirect action…

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL ….Marty Rosenbluth (Having a Jewish surnames always helps attain positions of authority within your enemy’s ranks – note Rosenbluth, Wise, Shliam, etc.), is quote, Israel Occupied Territories Specialist. To his credit(?), Rosenbluth challenged the PSM to eliminate guiding principal number five that does not come out against terrorism…. he proposed that the PSM needs to take a stand against terrorism in order to be consistent …international law requires the use of force to distinguish between combatants and civilians. This does not only apply to Israel, international law is a two way street.. you cannot condemn Israel for killing children while not condemning suicide bombings and killing children at a pizzaria…The PSM was handing out leaflets against this stance by Marty Rosenbluth ….Rosenbluth also drew attention to the Palestinian State Security Court that Al Gore visited and commended …Rosenbluth says that in actuality these quote, courts are being used to try quote, collaborators (or people who want democracy….) and the trials are only 15 minutes long, taking place at midnight, and people are executed after these trials. Amnesty International has met with Hamas, etc… and has been trying to convince them to stop using terrorism. The fourth Geneva convention is explicitly against the use of using human shields and the use of child soldiers….

USE BIRTHRIGHT TO GET TO ISRAEL, then Join the ISM –the INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY MOVEMENT…. cut Israel’s fence, be an international witness to Israel’s terrorism, stop the bulldozing, etc…Jessica Rutter presented…she began the divestment campaign at Duke, she went to birthright and then to the ISM….she brought this conference to Duke…Among things said, Jessica wonders about the story of Masada… and if it did take place, what’s the difference between those Jews killing themselves and the Palestinians killing themselves? Israelis kill Palestinians indiscriminately.

Occupation stories….. horrific stories were told… demonizing Israel….you need internationals to walk with the Palestinians because the Israelis will shoot at Palestinians if there are no internationals.


There were 200 people there. Since it was a racist apartheid state, its RACIST for Jews to have a state. But it’s OK for Muslims to have their own countries?


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