Note to readers

Folks, I want to mention to you, that whenever I post an article that has the word “palestinian” in the article, I replace it with the word “arab” because I refuse to participate in the Great Lie that has gained universal popularity. “Palestinian” arabs are not distinguishable from other arabs. Using the word “palestinian” is just a leftover talkspeak appendage from the dead and mouldering Arafat, who himself was born in Egypt.As Mythbusters points out:

Article 12 of the Palestinian National Charter of 1968 states that Palestinians must “safeguard their Palestinian identity and develop their consciousness of that identity.” Obviously, it was not an existing identity but one that had to be developed, created, and propagandized.

Article 7 of the Palestinian National Charter of 1968 states that “All means of information and education must be adopted in order to acquaint the Palestinian with his country…” I ask you: if the “palestinians” existed prior to Israel’s creation as an entity, why must “palestinians” be acquainted “with his country”? Because there has never been a land known as Palestine governed by Palestinians (independent or otherwise). There is no ‘palestinian’ culture or language distinguishable from the surrounding Arab culture and language. Nor has there ever been, prior to the Oslo Accords (1993), a palestinian currency. The original 1920 mandate for Palestine, also known as the San Remo Conference, was for a Jewish National Homeland, and included all of the territory that now comprises Israel and Jordan. The first ‘Palestinians’, therefore, were Jews.

In addition, whenever I post an article that has the word “terrorist” in it, I append the word “Muslim” to reinforce the fact that terrorists are Muslim. Not doing so would suggest that I go along with the Great Lie.Condoleeza Rice is a liar. Jenny Tonge is also a liar. I would like to know just one thing that anti-Zionism has ever done that benefits either arabs or the world at large.For those of you who like to perpetuate the Great Lie, I extend my condolences; you’ve dedicated your lives to a pathetically failed social enterprise, because by facilitating the Great Lie, the evidence is quite clear that it would make the lives of people worse, not better. Evidently, you haven’t thought your position through clearly, which is sad considering you’ve dedicated your adult lives to a fabricated entity, and when the veil is lifted, you helped to create just another Muslim kleptocracy, which will only breed anarchy, barbarism and terror for the rest of the world.

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