Not only the right are opposed

Folks, not only the right but the old-time pioneers are also against Sharon’s plan to betray his own people.

The assertion that only religious-Zionists object to the uprooting/transfer plan is about to be bashed in a big way, with a large anti-disengagement event to be held by secular Galilee pioneers.

Moshav Nahalal in the Galilee, one of the most prominent of the secular moshav movement, will host the first of a series of gatherings protesting Prime Minister Sharon’s expulsion plan. The plan calls for Israel to unilaterally withdraw all its forces, its 8,500 citizens and their homes from Gush Katif and northern Shomron

this summer.

The gathering at Nahalal is scheduled to take place on Monday, Feb. 14, and will signal the solidarity of the veteran workers’ settlement movement with the newer settlers. “We won’t leave the Gush Katif pioneers alone in the field,” they say. “Their struggle is our struggle.”

Not only the right are opposed

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