Not Just a Palestinian Gimmick

The barbarians are at the gate. May Israel have the strength to slaughter them before they infiltrate. From Not Just a Palestinian Gimmick via DailyAlert:

The PA leadership seems to be backing an initiative to respond to Israel’s 60th anniversary by encouraging Palestinians to enact their “right of return” by showing up on Israel’s doorstep on May 14. While obviously a propaganda stunt, even gimmicks say something about where Palestinians stand. After all, Fatah is presumably committed to a two-state solution and to peace with Israel. This is the basis of the Annapolis process, of billions of dollars of assistance now flowing to the PA, and countless missions by Secretary of State Rice. The basis of the entire process is the principle of two states – a Palestinian state alongside Israel. The planned stunt, however, indicates that at least some of those in the hierarchy of our supposed PA peace partner do not accept the basic premise of the process. Without mutual recognition by each side of the other’s right to a state, what is the point of discussing all the “final status issues”? Either the Palestinians are working to build their own state, or to destroy Israel; they cannot do both at the same time.

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