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North Indian Muslims Hate Israel, Researcher Says

From Khaleej Times-Dubai:

Animosity against Israel is widespread among Indian Muslims living in the northern part of the country, according to an Indian researcher from the College of Orient and African Studies of London University. At a seminar organized by the Centre for Jewish Studies on “How the Indians and Pakistanis View Israel and Zionism,” Dr. Sosila Yusudian Shitroviel said Indian Muslims see Jewish immigrants to Palestine as a continuation of the British imperialism in the region, a negative stance that has its roots in opposition to Britain’s colonial past in India. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, who led Pakistan to separate from India, was anti-Zionist and regarded Zionism as an integral part of British imperialism.

When the nationalist parties in India, like the BJP, came to power and gave rise to Hindu nationalist sentiment against Muslims inside and outside India, this tipped the scales in favor of an Indian alliance with Israel against Arabs and Muslims.

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