No more tears

I lifted this from a Talkback response to this article on Ynet, where someone else was lamenting his painful realization that peace with Arabs is futile:
People who voted for Labor and Kadima are the same people which brought us the timid Olmert government that is “tired of winning”.

The good news is that people who voted for Labor and Kadima are not few in number. Those of us who didn’t vote for Olmert expected this would occur, so our disappointment is of a different nature. You had your hopes crushed, and we had our suspicions confirmed.

Because you are not like the pollyanish radical left, you will vote for another party next time, because Assad’s words show it won’t be long in coming before we need to defend ourselves again. We all now know that Olmert and Peretz are more appropriate for nations who deliberate on who makes the best apple pie than one that is at war.

So now is the time to unseat Kadima and Labor, and put in a government that believes in its People and its G-d. There is no other solution that has the potential to avoid the holocaust you suspect will occur. Our first obligation, before we make peace with Palestinians or Arabs in general, is to be at peace with ourselves and with G-d.

You especially know how hard we tried to find a peaceful solution but it’s not possible. Now is the time to look inward and rebuild, girding ourselves for the battle that will soon come. But we can’t have Olmert and his like as our leaders when that happens.

So take the strength you invested in peace and invest it in the politics of change and internal unity. That is what “you can do”.

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