The no-longer-can-be-denied fierce brutality of Islam

Islamists – you know, the same ones that Cindy Sheehan and President Bush tell us are members of a “religion” that is so full of love – killed a villager in Indian Kashmir by slitting his throat and cutting off the tongues and noses of four others, accusing them of being police informers, authorities said today.

The loving Islamists also beat up seven other villagers and set several houses ablaze late on Wednesday in a remote village near Mahore town, 65 km north-east of Jammu city, the Indian state’s winter capital.

These are Islamists who cross into part of Kashmir from Pakistan, and sometimes even Afghanistan.

In fact, more than 45,000 people have been killed since a separatist revolt broke out in 1989 in Jammu and Kashmir, India’s only Muslim-majority state which is also claimed by Pakistan.

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