No Convictions in Trial Against Muslim Charity

The character and resolve of the American patriot, witnessed at its apex during WWII, is efficiently being whittled away by the left, who refuses to see Islam as the enemy, who refuses to identify Islam’s adherents as the pepertrators of the attacks on 9/11, who refuses to see them as the perpertrators of the bombing of the USS Cole and the bombings of the American embassies in Africa, and who refuses to see them as the murderers of the passengers on Pan Am Flight 103. The left is succeeding in re-writing history. Who will you believe? And Texas, one of the greatest states in the union? You should be ashamed of yourself. From No Convictions in Trial Against Muslim Charity:

A deadlocked federal jury in Dallas did not convict any leaders of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development who were charged with supporting Middle Eastern terrorists, and the judge Monday declared a mistrial in what has been widely viewed as the government’s flagship terror-financing case. The jury acquitted one of the five defendants on all but one charge, on which it deadlocked. A majority of the jurors also appeared ready to acquit two other defendants of most charges, and could not reach a verdict on charges against the two principal organizers and the foundation itself, which had been the largest Muslim charity in the U.S. until the government froze its assets in 2001.

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